World renowned author and screenwriter
with over 35 million 
books sold


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Bodie Thoene is a world renowned author and screenwriter with over 35 million books sold.  Her books have been translated into 20 languages.  She has written the screenplay and is in production of a film based on the true storyof Rachel Joy Scott who professsed her faith before being shot at Columbine.  Bodie’s next film When Jesus Wept, based on her book of the same title is currently on the Best Seller list for the last 18 months.  Her inspiring novel Take This Cup is also currently on the Best Seller list.  She has a following of thousands on her personal Facebook page including many Conservative Elected Officials. Millions of Bodie’s fans around the 
world attest to her prowess as a creative force.  
John Wayne once said about creator and writer Bodie Thoene, “She has that rare kind of talent that captures the people and the times!” Author of 71 novels, Bodie is a legend among readers of Historical fiction. Bodie has won 8 ECPA Gold Medallion 
Book Awards, more than any other novelist in history. 

In 2010, her novel Prague Counterpoint, won the prestigious AUDIE AWARD for 
Most Inspirational Fiction, in competition against multi-million seller, The Shack.
Bodie’s articles have appeared in The Saturday Evening Post, U.S. News and 
World Report, and The American West. In the 1970s, she also worked as a screenwriter 
for John Wayne's production company Batjac Productions and co-wrote Fall Guy with 
John Wayne's stunt double Charles H. Roberson. 

Bodie’s interest in Israel, which culminated in THE ZION CHRONICLES, stems from 
her days as a student. In 1978 she spoke to John Wayne about her hope to one day write 
a novel about the exciting events surrounding the rebirth of Israel. He encouraged her with 
his reply: “That’s one you ought to do. It’s the story of the Jewish Alamo!” With the publication of the first book in THE ZION CHRONICLES - The Gates of Zion-she was awarded the Gold 
Medallion Book Award by the ECPA; the first of 8 wins and 25 nominations.



Over 35 million books sold

2009 Audie Award
Prague Counterpoint 2009 winner of Audie Award for Inspirational fiction.

BestSellers Award
500,000 copies sold ~ 18 months best seller for Shiloh Autumn.

Gold Medallion Book Award
Winner of 8 Gold Medallion Book Awards.

ECPA Gold Medallion
16 ECPA Gold Medallion nominations.  More than any Novelist in history.